26/1 Shopping For New Year Clothes Part I

Monday, January 29, 2007 Posted by YY on 3:08 PM

Joke of the Day 1:
Jon asked, "If i write my own name in the death note to identify its my notebook after i pick it up, will i die?"
*Jon shivers and grabs his heart..wiggles ard* XD

Joke of the Day 2:
*The identities of the persons involved have been changed to protect them * lol
Person L asks Person K, "Are you all avoiding him?"
Person K: "No lah where got..no la dun have..." *tries hard to explain himself*
Person L: "You are not true to me!"
Person L: "Then why u all isolate me as well??"
Person K: "Cos u close to him mah"
Person L: "Nonsense where got!"
Person K: "But out of us u are the closet leh" * XD *
Person L: ...........................

Its a joke, cos we all know person L is always hanging out with the person avoided and it was darn obvious we avoided him tt day. Den why person L still wanna ask?

Dragged bibi down to shop at orchard on friday but he said he's lazy to buy his stuff..so we went in search for dinner here at Far East Plaza, and dunk the 同乐鸡饭 tastes damn lousy now..so I was so dissatisfied and we went to Lvl 1 and saw this new stall. The concept of food is 香港茶餐厅. Its quite pricey considering the type of food serve, but at least it satisfied my taste buds.

Give it a try when you drop by next time!

Hot dog bun with cheese and bacon *tad too dry though*, and milk tea.

Pork Floss with cheese slices semi melted over thick toast. Pretty good, but could have been better when cheese is melted longer. Too bad no feedback form there -.-

The counter's side, with board displaying all items

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