My Farewell Lunch 25/1

Monday, January 29, 2007 Posted by YY on 2:45 PM

I attended a few farewell lunches since I joined this project and now its my turn.
Collegues decided to try this brazilian restuarant called Samba at Katong Village.

Hilarious i tell you.. Here's pics for the ambience it seems like we booked the whole restaurant but hey, there was not a single soul there XD. We went and saw the pricing at $12 nett per set lunch..Funny tt this brazilian restaurant has red lanterns and *gasp* yellow pineapples hanging at the entrance for New Year -.-'

And the food..which was amazingly atrocious..ok since its a treat i shant call it lousy, but if u ask me if i am going there again, its a NO.

Chicken soup as soup of the day..omg it really tastes like the CHICKEN SOUP u get in hainanese chicken rice stall. Its that bad, and look it has spring onions too.. -.-

Salad: Allowed to choose 2 from the list, my team lead chose tuna and tomato salad..omg it was really TUNA on its OWN and slices of tomato =.=' can't they dice it?!

My tuna and potato salad..eek

Spaghetti as main course, can choose 2 meat to go with it. I choose chicken drumstick and dory fish. omg~~~~ MINI drumlets and scraps of dory fish. And look the cut the pasta with scissors before serving @.@

As we were wondering about the lightning speed they serve food, the chef came up and said,"U are supposed to mix all and eat together.." We looked at each other and tot..then why u bother to serve us on different plates and at different timing in the first place..-_-

Dessert included in set meal, the price tag reads 3 bucks. Its syrup with jelly and cocktail..eeee who wants to pay $3 bucks for it. Mine's mango syrup, not so bad. Some others like orange flavoured ones tastes like fever medicine XD

Overall Rating:

Brazilian factor : 0/10

Taste: 5/10 bibi's aunt cooks better -.-

Ambience: 5/10, whats the chinese new yr deco doing here??

But hey its my farewell, i really appreciate the treat alot. THANK U pple!