The Conspiracy Episode 10 : The Aura of Protection

Sunday, January 21, 2007 Posted by YY on 10:44 AM

The Conspiracy Episode 9

Why is it episode 9? Because we have started UAT for 9 weeks. Recently as mentioned Co. IR4 has been axed on the spot. Now following my transfer out to another team*o man i m so happy* , another colleague is about to be transferred as well right after he makes a mistake.

The reasons on why Co IR 4 was axed was likely to be because he cannot do his work well, and most importantly the process he was in charge of could not be delivered on time, so to give a sufficient good reason to the customer, these management pple may say,"Oh the guy doing this process has left the company suddenly, thats why its delayed."

So in short, he may have been made a scapegoat -.-'

As for me, why was I transferred..hmm i duno really know but I think because me and boss buey gum (dun get along well) so she prolly puts me next on the list *lol*
Whether she transferred me to save me from the clutches of the one who is aiming me, or whether its because she dun like me, I dun really care you know..

Just yesterday, mind you a saturday weekend, I went down at 2pm to redhill to verify that my process going out for testing next week is working. Knn waste my weekend only, go down there the side menu links are NOT WORKING AS EXPECTED and I could not even access my program. The email requesting for changes were sent on Monday..friday I even sms that god damn pet of boss ( he is in charge of that) , and its still not done.

Its not only ME you know, another colleague is affected too. I duno whether he is on my side to point fingers towards the pets anot lah, but I am already damn DL about all these cok up.
So I wrote a email to boss at about 6plus complaining on the inefficiency on the changes to the side menu resulting in waste of time and the issue of defects.

This issue of defects...made me boil because they should not be there in the first place. I have done my program according to user specifications, and the tester at customer site said its wrong.
Those boss pets should have been at the meeting, arguing whether this defect is valid. They can just refer to the user specs, it should not be so hard to flip a couple of pages given the fact that they had hands and fingers. Either they have not done their job at the meetings, or they have been sponges just accepting whatever the customer throws to them. So in short this scenario is like, my pgrm shows A screen, and the tester tot it should be B screen, and the user specs says A screen.

So with my email sent, I was awaiting for reply when boss replied at 9pm with smth totally out of point. If i had to mark the essay she sent me, I would give her less than 5/10 for content. Its not even close to the point I was trying to make in the email.

Don't tell me she's using the method of "If you can't convince them, confuse them." CRAP!
So there I was sending her a email (cc to rest of the team) to complain her pets not doing their work, and here she is replying about how much work is needed to just ensure things work.

When inefficiency is encountered for the past 8 weeks, it does not mean you just accept it and think because its hard work to do its ok it gets delayed or what not. You are supposed to find the root of the problem and resolve it so it doesnt get in your way. Duno what point she's trying to make in her email you know... anyway I think she either misread or accidentally misunderstood my point, I will get my evidence and show her on monday.

Nonetheless she called for a meeting on Monday 11am,saying she wanted to know what happen on saturday and wanted to know which other colleague is involved too. I duno if this colleague is daring enough or is he su la (coward) but I will be maintaining my stand, and I am leaving soon..I dun really care. So what if she targets me in my new dept..*although I doubt she has such big influence or time to come and ka jiao me..she should be trying her best to shield off arrows for herself and her pets* , I am still combing the classifieds and Jobs webby for a new job.

Next week is week10, so its next episode next week with the starting of Boss protecting her pets.

We had this logic here:

if( reasoning.isFromPet( ) && boss.isStupidManagement( ) ){
reason = false;

while(employee.isNotPet( ) ){
employee.doShitWork( ) = true;

The first one means, if the reasoning is from the pet and the boss is of stupid management lvl, there is no reasoning in this case, they listen to the pets talk only.

And while employee is not a pet, the employee does all the shit work.

Just on Friday, colleague J got back stabbed by one of the pets. It happened like this, J was in charge of this process which had a critical error suddenly and is due for testing at customer site for the coming week. So he told the pet, that something is missing from the database(the pet's job) then before Boss talked to colleague J (boss wanted to lim kopi with J since wednesday/thursday), the pet strucked first.

Two pets went to talk to boss, saying its not their problem and that its J's coding problem..blah blah blah~ so it means the two pets 先发制人.(struck first to gain upperhand)

So after pushing the blame to J clean and clear, boss invited J to go meeting room to lim kopi. After that, J's face looked murderous before he went to the meeting room he looked sad.
So J said he's gonna be transferred too. We are so happy for him -.-' But this is not a grand exit, it seems like you did smth no good and you are transferred. >.>

Meanwhile, colleague commented my sending of email this weekend sounds like, you are leaving and you want to leave with a big bang right?

No its not a big bang, but I will be wishing for the downfall of these useless bums everyday.