Indulgence AfterMath

Tuesday, January 09, 2007 Posted by YY on 1:05 PM

There is this crisis here..I think..I spent too much after getting my bonus.

Dim Sum For Parents: $133
Dim Sum For frens : $96
Buying shoes : $45
Roller blades : $199
Bibi's anniversary present : Chelsea windbreaker $92

And some more to come..oh shiet spent more than $500 le..this is saddening..

I almost indugled in buying some 3 clothings from a china seller which i fell in love with.

In case you do not know, I have a thing for winter clothings/accessories. For example boots, mufflers, fur(whatever) stuff.

But Singapore is right on the Equator, so well I had no chance of doning those stuff I like.
I want to buy a white rabbit fur belt, anyone saw it around? The china seller wants to sell me @ RMB165 /pc , so expensive...zzz
And I would like a pair of boots as well T_T, I used to have one which I wore all over the place with almost any outfit when I was in uni 1st-2 year..I must be known as "Puss in boots" , *pun not intended*.

I know boots is hard to match but I like it..and with all the surfing on Ebay and Taobao China, the business spirit in me has awaken.

I used to sell silver accessories online, but stopped cos the supplier stopped supplying.
Maybe shoes and stuff would be good.

If you have lobang for NICE pretty fashion Bags/Shoes/Dresses, tag my board now with ur msn!