Appraisal time

Thursday, January 11, 2007 Posted by YY on 1:12 PM

Thought of the Day: I do not like spies.

Recently boss is back in office together with aishen.
They are back for appraisal thingy.

The dreaded appraisal, whereby team leaders, supervisors go through the quality of work that we low down employees deliver.

How come no employees appraises the GDI supervisors?
I wld jolly well give them a failing grade because:

- They send nonsense emails
- They do stupid things like walking around and trying to push us by talking
- They make us do things that are out of job scope and say we cant deliver our own stuff on time
- They say no more leave to be taken after they cleared they own leave, cant they forsee when pple go on leave, work goes behind schedule

Just went for appraisal, there must be a spy somewhere.
Damn u spy! I hate spies..i wish to kill u with radioactive object now!!!
I got a few suspects on hand already..u shall be cursed right now from this moment.

Boss says wor, " I have been told that yy is always surfing the net,
yy is always msning. Please keep it minimal during office hrs."

"I was also informed on your disappearance in the morning, see cat ar?"

Then i replied her, morning? O i go fill up my cup and walk around then come back lor. Then she says dont go for so long like half hr.
I told her no la, where got at most 15 to 20mins.

And she asked, "Are you staying till july?"
I was quite taken aback when she asked that -.- den I replied, "Not say I want to go, then can go one leh."

Boss: "Why not? "
Me: "Cos i have to find the next job first mah."
Boss: "I am very direct. You will be looking out of *** (company name) or within?"
Me: "Will be lookin around be it internal shuffle or new job. For personal interests or IT field." *zzzz*

Another part of conversation,
Boss: " How are you adapting? Getting scolded every now and then. Getting pushed by me, QA others..."
Me: "Its the problem of getting used to it lah. I am getting into the pace required. " *Tried to smile sincerely at the end of appraisal*

Did she see the knives in my smile? No la, my acting not so bad bah. -.-''