Can I have your phone number? Part 2

Thursday, January 11, 2007 Posted by YY on 1:24 PM

Feeling bored, at ard 5pm i went to see if kitty is there.
O yes she is, so is the malay who asked for my number the other time.
This time he asked again.

Malay : "How's work? How's everything? ...blah blah "
Me : *Luckily he nv ask hows the weather*
Me: "Ok lor..busy."
Malay: "Who is that FAT guy? "
Me: o.o fat guy? "Oh thats my uni fren, now my collegue." XD
*Sorry jon u were referred as the fat guy again*
Malay: "Oh I see..does your bf like cats?"
Me: "O he prefers dogs. -.-"
Malay: *Mutters smth i cant hear*
Me: "??" *turns to go back office*
Malay: "Can i have your number?"
Me: "I pass you my namecard next time den, my number is on it."
Malay: "C'mon its just a phone number"
Me: "Ok, 9xxx xxxx"
*Does misc stuff, goes back office*

Jon says I shld have replied the fat guy is my bf's fren and will whack anyone that comes near me. *LOL* And that should set him off. But anyway i tot of a good excuse, a truly good one,

i LOVE pork too much, sorry~