Conspiracy within? 杀一儆百?

Friday, January 12, 2007 Posted by YY on 9:32 PM

Something drastic happened today, till now i am still in the disbelief mode. -.-'
Suay things come in a package I tell you.

Firstly, morning we had a meeting with the management on solving of defects from testing at customer's site. So it was down to the questioning of WHY is THIS NOT DONE? Why is it delayed? When is it gonna be done?

My poor team leader was targetted and shot all over. And as usual what ever reasons given sounds like an excuse to those management pple.

Second meeting started right after the first, with the same pple involved. This time there's a new target usual scold scold scold..blah blah blah...~

After that it was this huge downpour after we left for lunch with insufficient umbrellas, so we got delayed..and finally got back to comfy office later.

At about 5pm this news started from one msn contact, the news that Co. IR4 was sacked and asked to leave on the spot.

I thought this only happens in dramas whereby the person is fired on the spot with the letter thrown in his face and he packs his stuff, and leave escorted with pple.

It happened in office today!
Everyone was silent, and looking at the procession leaving with him, or rather sending him to the door step.

After boss came up, our antenae picked up a few signals..something like, Co. IR4 said he would go to the police or smth.. Afraid that he wld come back and do something disastrous, boss asked if the guards could prevent him from coming back in.
*he was nicknamed suicide bomber -.-*

Although he did us many wrongs, but being sacked on the spot was something none of us foreseen. As I heard earlier on, that Co. IR4 maybe the scapegoat for xxx so maybe that's why he has been killed as sacrificial item or killed as a warning to all. =.=