A lesson the Chef shared

Monday, April 09, 2007 Posted by YY on 3:26 PM

During the lesson, the Chef, Judy told us about her story on starting the cafe + school and her godma.

So she was saying, she was walking past this street with 2 units for rent side by side each other. Everytime she would imagine a baking school with a cafe beside it. One day, she finally told herself not to imagine anymore, just do it. And there she go, jumped into the biz. She said she wasnt like the normal biz woman who will calculate how much to make each mth, how many stuff..how much capital..she continued the biz due to her passion and she loved what she was doing.

Then she talked abt her godma, who passed away some weeks ago. She said her godma was a fantastic person and helped her to setup her biz. She was a jovial lady who wanted to travel alot. When she was at her last moments, judy could see her eyes half opened and tearing. Judy knew how much her godma wanted to live, travel and see the world. However, she could not complete her last wish on travelling, because she was always waiting. Waiting for this and that person to be free, waiting for air tickets to be cheaper..wait wait wait..in the end, its meaningless..What's left when you are gone..nothing.

So she said, if u wanna do smth, don't wait too long to do it..Just do it! *nike*