First Baking Lesson 8/4/07

Monday, April 09, 2007 Posted by YY on 2:49 PM

Took my first lesson at culinaire together with GH, bib's fren who also wanted to open a cafe.
That's why we went together we can discuss recipes next time :P

We had to do 3 recipes in all. They are all butter cakes but just different in some small ways.

The chocolate cupcake was a 4 person effort, cos 1 bench has 2 sides. Each side u have 2 persons, these 2 persons form a team. So i form a team with GH (we only had 3 guys in the class, gh was feeling paiseh wahahaha~)

First cake is chocolate cupcake, the other team is more experienced in baking, so it turned out GREAT~ Dad says can take and sell >.>

2nd cake: Walnut Butter Cake
As usual, something happened..i tell u ar..i duno why the cake nv lesson ask the chef (judy) ..cos she left at abt 6+ to her cafe which is next door, but our work haven finish.. we cldnt find her when we were done either..nvm next wkend -.-

Last cake finally, no we were not the last to finish *yay* -.-'' it turned out not bad, dad says same as those he buy outside and its worth it to take course, cos my products turn out edible bwahahaha~ Then when i went home and look at the recipe..i realised i forgot to incl. 2 egg wonder everyone got spare egg white to contribute..zzz~

U see last few teams, become chaotic liao la..

Let bibi, his aunt's family and his parents to try..hmm general feedback was nt bad 6/10?

Let the pics do the talking first...

The front of the class, where Judy demostrates

The ingredients pre prepared except butter and some other some qty liquid stuff

The marble cake close up

The walnut cake tt didnt rise, and the

My sunflower, the cream is made of margarine. And centre of flower is painted with chocolate, den pressed onto a bowl of chocolate rice.

Above sunflower is a chocolate cupcake, so is this one. Its supposed to relfect the alphabet 'Y'. Took this pic thrice, but its still blur..who can tell me why???

Awaiting next week's lesson: Chiffon cake.

Beng if I can make a good chiffon cake, den i bake u ur birthday cake, the bikini babe cake with big boobs --> ur fav =D