3/4/07 - New Experience : Sitting at the back of a lorry

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 Posted by YY on 9:50 PM

Went to eat frogs legs again..I was on leave..wait let me tell u why I was on leave in the first place..

Firstly, I was told that the stupid chocolate course was cancelled, so I told that ah neh to cancel the leave that he already approved.

And god dam him, all the way from 4+pm to 11+pm hen i sms him ask him to cancel it,he have not done so *only he can cancel the leave, I cant*..fiak him, he nv cancel the leave = my leave is counted as consumed = taken liao.

So in the morning, due to flu, i sms him i m on mc. Den he reply, "If u had came to work instead today, I could have given you the day off for another day instead."
Wah see liao I DL..ask him cancel cancel cancel he dun want to do it, now my leave counted as consumed liao, that means i mc or not also counted as leave taken.
So I dun see doc le lor, and I sms him again in the noon and say why the system still reflect my leave approved, not cancelled yet.Since not cancelled i jolly well take the leave then

He reply saying he will not go into the system to cancel for me, and ask me next time tell him earlier.

This ** ah neh! Fine, I will be on mc for flu on thursday then I enjoy my leave all the way till next monday..idiot ah neh!

Evening we went to eat frog legs and decided it was too early to head home so duno who suggested go geylang eat durian..
Someone drove, so we sat at the back of the truck. His family operates a fish stall so the truck has got rubber boots and styrofoam boxes all over. Here's some scenary along the way..all blurred -_-'

Went to this stall out of the numerous durian stalls, but den~ the durians costs $10 /1pc and it SUX! Only 6-7 inside, and it doesn't taste half as good as those that bibi's aunt chose..zzzz

I saw doggy's owner gave it some durian too..doggy was so obedient..cuteee~