Uneventful week

Monday, April 02, 2007 Posted by YY on 3:20 PM

The past week has been uneventful. Being bored at work..and on friday I finally had a satisfying dinner at Chinatown

This Dried Chilli Frog Legs at the hawker centre ROX! Frog legs cooked in dried chilli with small chilli padi got us all sweaty and were fanning our tongues vigourously >.>

The other stall of Yang Tou Foo is pretty value for money too.

As per last Sat, since GQ lost 40bucks we got him to give us a treat at esplanade's Makan Sutra Hawker Centre.

The revenge of GQ, this time he cleaned both me and bibi out..he won 60bucks -.-
Hurmph..dun want to pay him..bwahaha~ ok i shall nt learn from the wongs, treat them to eat frog legs lor *he cannot take too much chilli..and i m treating him to SPICY frog legs..* wahahahah *EVIL*

Sunday has been a sleepy day since I had taken flu tablet x 2..but i m still with a block nose now..-.-

Let's look forward to Tuesday,Wednesday, Sunday when my baking and chocolate making course is starting =)

Sian chocolate making has been postponed..fiak! These belgians cannot be trusted~