Bread Making Practice : Butter Rolls

Sunday, September 23, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:28 PM

Another bread making practice, pay liao $300 bucks to learn, must do more rite? *Tot we got scared of bread just some wks ago... -_-'' *

So today we tried butter roll. This K ar, just refuses to get a decent weighing scale..I am referring to a trusty electronic one tt costs above $40..*mine costs $75 -_-' * So we use the spring weighing scale lor..zzz~

The dough was one sticky mess to work with => no pics, cos all the dough was stuck on my hands. After it was fermented for the first time, we rounded it to proof it for 2nd round. This is before proving for 2nd time, note size.

Notice there's an odd ball in the above pic..suddenly a 7th bun pops up ..this one gotta ask Chef K cos he divided one ^^

Butter roll x2 in another shape..recipe book recommended shape =.=' (before 2nd proofing)

Proof 2nd time liao..wee~ they grew up

After baking. Abit overbaked though cos the color is abit dark, but somehow earlier by 2 mins it wasn't dark enuff.

Closeup on texture

That's my breakfast for tmr - 1 bun ONLY, the rest let others try la eh~ *heng only 9 buns to be divided btwn 2 persons*