Misc Update on past week

Saturday, October 06, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:27 AM

Last weekend was pretty busy, went cycling at ECP on a hot saturday..but heng it cooled abit in the evening. Cycled past bedok jetty and turned back to the bicycle shop, that's all in half hour becos someone complained his butt hurts..

See lah, butt no flesh is like that => i love my butt, shock proof => great for absorbing impact for falls and sitting on hard surfaces >.>

After washing up, me and K went to eat this steamboat bbq. Seriously marina south wld have been a better choice BUT its too inaccessible. After dinner, K said he is too hot from those bbqing, so we decided to stop at 7-11 to get a bottle of beer *nt i drink la*

While Q-ing, i suspected we might be mistaken as underage teenagers and will tio check IC. Soon it was our turn, the Cashier Auntie looked at K, then me and mumbled aloud,"Eh..don't want to check lah.." K was saying aloud,"Auntie, I 30 yrs old le..i scared i show u IC, u shock.." Midst this, the silly guy cashier beside auntie was giggling..ah damn~

So this pair of 25yr old + 30 yr old went to 7-11 to get a bottle of Hoegarden beer and tio check I/C, ah brilliant~ *duno to be happy or sad*

K and his hoegarden..

Following that day, we tried this ciabatta recipe online but it had too little water content so it turned out to taste like baguette..serious...

That day before cycling, K made these Hokkaido milk loaves for his forum mates to try.. So far feedback is positive ^^

As for me, I got pretty bored on monday after dinner near my hse that I went to experiment on this chocolate chiffon cake, its not chocolatey enuff..but I was amazed it rose hee~