Saturday Event Part 1 - Bread + Pool

Monday, October 08, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:40 PM

Saturday started @ 8am for me. Woke up so early, went out and there was NO BUS COMING..zzz~ waste my time.

So got to K's place and started making the burger buns at 10.30am? *recipe says fillet O fish taste alike bun*, finally proofing at 2nd stage in the pic below.

Baked and done, placed on cooling rack and off we go to K's fren's baby shower..*RUSH*

After the event, we went on to celebrate K's fren's bdae -> play pool @ safra..

My pose nt bad ba..hehe~ I was quite happy to be able to pull off this shirt + jeans look..maybe next time I can wear this on a Friday ^^

K's pose..And somehow I managed to knock in more balls and LOSE @ the end..zzz I am becoming better @ 8 ball and K is improving with his tyco-ness in 9 ball..something seems amiss, I thought I play 9 ball better?!

After the pool game, we went on to Dempsey Road where the long wait begins....