The Ultimate Lousy Restaurant - Prime Society @ Dempsey Rd

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:12 AM

U are about to see some nice decorations..ambience, classy pics from THE PRIME SOCIETY.

The inside, with a bar counter in the middle.

By this time I am blogging, I had lost all anger about Prime Society now let's see the main course we ordered: Salmon, price $ small nvm..let's taste it first..

This piece of salmon is 101% cooked -> overcooked, became flaky liao and the skin is chao ta!

Sibey aw..

Another lousy crap was the appetiser - King prawns. Price - $18, u must be half expecting to see prawns that are HUGE right? Sorry the king prawns dish came in 2 prawns, each the size of the ring u form with your thumb and 2nd finger, SMALLER than those u find at hawker centre Big Prawn Noodles! ** not I order one lor, and the outside of the prawn is chao ta, inside is just cooked..obviously the flames were too strong.

Some pple ordered burger, and the bread was chao ta with the flame grilled marks..u must be thinking the temperature of the food is high too right? NO..the burger was cold in the centre..

"Will u go back to Prime Society again?" NO.

Me trying the rosemary leaves..eek tasted bitter towards the end so K captured this moment cos its his favourite expression -.-'