Cooking Expedition: Beef mushroom swiss burger

Friday, October 12, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:58 PM

Remember the fillet o fish burger bread that we were rushing to finish yesterday (saturday?)

Yes, today we are making beef patty with mushroom swiss to go with it. However, this bread goes real hard after 1-2 days, so to eat it like it just came out from the oven, the best way would be steaming it back. After steaming, it tastes really nice...similar to fillet O fish bread except that the browning is not as even.

Starting with marinating the beef

See what happens to the color of the minced beef after 2+hrs? Marination has been absorbed.

Steaming the mochi 'dough', this is some tough sticky dough which hmm is hard to handle..or maybe we haven grasped the technique =.=

Ugly mochi balls...was trying to do this item from Waraku called potato mochi cheese, fried item with melted cheese wrapped up with mochi. Turns out disastrous becos we haven got the right cheese/mochi texture

Frustrated K cooking mushroom swiss..he's frustrated becos of the mochi la.. zzz~

Finished product.

Assembling the burger

Beef is thoroughly cooked cos i like it 100% cooked, and its not chao ta as it seems. Basically, its black at some parts due to adding HP sauce into the marinade.

Burger bread: 7/10

Beef Patty: 7/10

Mushroom swiss: 7/10 , could have been better with beef sauce