Lazy Sunday: Claypot rice

Sunday, October 14, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:19 PM

It was a lazy sunday afternoon, woke up in a not-so-good mood and the bus had to piss me off..o well, I jolly well know I shouldn't be venting my anger on poor K so..I decided to have lunch alone to cool off my pissed mood -__-

On saturday, we went to this dinner outing at Vil'age @ Heeren's..along with us was hokkaido milk loaves for some of em'

Used hokkaido milk loaf dough to make hotdog bread..1min lesser of baking time wld have been perfect though -.-

Finally decided to try making croissants @ home, this is the dough rolled into a square. This is a disaster because we used Lurpak Butter which contains 80%+ butter unlike what we used in class was 40% margarine, 60% butter (less likely to melt tt soon)

Self made butter sheet. Butter sheet is a block of butter in abt 1cm thickness or so..u can flatten it of course.

OK so failure set in quite early, when we were supposed to put the butter into the dough and seal it up like an envelope. Cos the butter was too cold and the dough was too soft => the butter cut thru the dough, this resulted in butter seeping out of the dough when we were supposed to fold it 2 more times. In the end, we were wondering to throw this failure junk away or not?

No..i decided we should just fold it in somehow somewhat then bake it..and the end result was..edible like a croissant but doesn't look like one, and not flaky cos we didn't fold it correctly.

But Lurpak butter is GD! The end products were buttery enough, much better than Phoon huat's butter sheet.

Dinner was claypot rice by K, this piece of poo like looking thing is - Salted Fish, don't doubt it, although I duno why I am having this mental image of dentures -.-'

Chicken marinated before putting into the pot to be cooked with rice.

Tip: Stir fry the rice with onion to make rice more fragrant before cooking it in the pot. Other ingredients incl. chinese sausage.

Stir fry Bai Cai with oyster sauce.

*Slurp* Not too bad, except maybe broth and more salted fish to be used.

Claypot Rice - 7/10 , taste can be better with broth ^^''

Veggie - 7/10 , too oily >_>

Overall, tasted not bad..esp the frying with onions portion gave it quite alot of flavour.