Petite Fours Lesson 1 (16/10)

Saturday, October 20, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:45 PM

Registered for another wkday lesson. Eh well, petite fours are worth learning for a few reasons - they look good and sell for high prices -.-'

I had to get a partner to i dragged poor K who knows nuts abt cakes to learn with me.
There are 4 items to be made today, but only did 3 due to some constraints last minute as cited by Judy (chef).

This is Chocolate Banarama - The base unit which is banana cake. Gotta bake this for longer time than usual, due to silicon mould being used and we placed it on a metal tin and not directly on the oven we should have left it directly in contact with the oven floor =.='

The sweet pastry that is to be used as base.

This is called Amore whereby the pink designed white chocolate is done using Chocolate Transfer Sheet. Raspberry chocolate cream is used to combine the 3 items(strawberry, biscuit, white chocolate) together.

Raspberry chocolate Jewels - The same chocolate mousse used as above, but chilled in mould. Topped with raspberry and sugar powder.

Chef Judy took our bananarama to demo white chocolate design..of cos we didn't manage to replicate it. To make things simpler...we used fruits.

Two more lessons to go...tiring man..~