Cooking Expedition - 20/10

Sunday, October 21, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:13 AM

Inspired by Jamie Oliver's Book...

Main Course - Crab meat Aglio Olio with panfried cod fish
Dessert - Baked Red Wine Pear

Let's start with how to kill a crab. These crabs costs $2.50 from Sheng Siong, called 肉蟹, bought 3pcs. These are male crabs... to kill it, open the triangular flap shown at the chopstick point, and stick ur chopstick thru the crab. Its supposed to die an instant death.. >_>'

After the crabs are cooked, pluck out the hands, legs and now what do u do with the body? With the same triangular flap, open it by pulling it downwards and pull the crab shell apart from the bottom. Remove the lungs that reside on the left and right sides (how do u know its the lungs..dun ask me..) , the lungs looks like it has got small holes thru it. And scrub the shells clean with a brush..if u wanna eat the eggs/sperms ewwww~ , then retain that part, however we threw it away.

Cleaned body but still with the eggs/sperms..*pukes*

Mess of bodies, legs, hands...

Tools to remove crab meat: Scissors, hammer, rolling pin, 2 very small forks. Rolling pin is to get flesh out of the legs by rolling over it

Finally finished the manual work..tiring leh

Red wine pears that were soaked for hrs in the fridge, uneven coloring due to insufficient red wine la -_-'

Adding lemon zest, pepper, olive oil.

If you do not want ur lemon to be too sour, pan fry it for awhile.

Crabmeat with spaghetti in Aglio Olio style.

Crab meat aglio olio complete with pan fried cod fish

After baking the red white with pear for 30min, chill before serving.

Looks like 三层肉 eh... -.-' Was expecting it to taste quite "winey", but not really cos I didnt even go red from it. Other added ingredients was cinnamon and sugar, but I didn't really taste cinnamon..or maybe cos I duno how it was supposed to taste like >.>'''

CrabMeat Aglio Oilo - 7.5/10 , good but haven learnt how to combine the noodle with crabmeat properly.

Cod Fish - 7.10 cooked just nice, but haven got sauce with it

Red wine pear - 7/10, pretty ok taste but not colored evenly.