Cooking on a Sunday

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:19 PM

Time to take a break from all these Sunday cooking cos it seems extremely tiring -_-

Main Course: Pork Chops with caramelised carrots.
Dessert: French crepes and vanila ice cream topped with caramel sauce

Making the mango pulp requires getting the meat out, then putting it thru the sieve..which is not shown below...

Mango ice cream in the cooking~~

Put into container for freezing, and you must fluff it with a fork twice in the next 2-3 hrs

Tenderising the pork chops

Making the carrots

Self made caramel sauce, looks like shit eh..pun intended.

French crepes..but still not my ideal crepe yet..wait till i try the japanese crepe recipe.