Puff Pastry Making Lesson 1 ( 06/09)

Friday, September 07, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:39 PM

Another shag and chaotic lesson..after work on a Thursday to learn puff pastry is dam tiring.
Look at the chaos man..all over the place. My brain was not even registering the instructions you know..so mentally tired.

Ended up with a blue black on left forearm..and I found out WHY my puff pastry/ croissant is not raising up as expected, because the counter is too tall for me -_-' Its above my waist level, ok I am short. This is a fact that cannot be changed..and the counter height cannot be changed too =.='

Adding egg wash to the puffs, thats what that gives the shine after baking

Overview of the chicken puffs. Actually the main purpose of this pic is to show my puffs didn't rise as high as K's. Zzzz~

The insides of my puff..its still the SAME ok..*maybe nt so flaky lor..* who ask me to be short *sobz*

This is called : Vol-Au-Vent, its korsong and you add fillings in the middle which u can press down.

With hotdog it tastes pretty good too

Such a lot of puffs..I am getting FAT with all these butter and margarine

Man..tmr I got bread course some more..time to sleep~