Cooking Expedition : All for the sake of a bread bowl

Monday, September 10, 2007 Posted by YY on 9:52 PM

For the sake of the soup bowl that we did during lesson yesterday, we decided to cook today. This sounds ridiculous..but anyway, we did cook with minimal effort =)

Soup: Celery Soup from Campbell, served in bread bowl with parsley and croutons.
Side dish: Sauteed mushrooms with olive oil and butter.
Main course: Aglio olio with bacon, mandarin vodka and baked whole chicken leg with garlic

Total Dmg: Less than 30bucks for all food ingredients.

This baked chicken dish requires lotsa garlic..garlicky stuff..

Campbell celery soup, mix in half a can of milk and water and u get something real RICH~

These 2 bowls are the reason we cooked..hmm, reheating makes them tougher and able to hold the soup. No one wants a leaking bowl right?

Soup's done with some parsley added.

Remember the insides of the bread bowl? Cut them into cubes and fry them till crispy golden in color using olive oil.

Croutons remains crispy all the way while soaking in the soup ^^

Final touch~ Aglio olio with chilli flakes, parsley, bacon and mandarin vodka. While adding mandarin vodka and cooking over the stove, I was stunned by the fire-in-pan effect a.k.a flambe, so much so I didn't catch it on camera..shit! After the alcohol got burnt off, only mandarin orange taste is left in the noodles.

Baked whole chicken leg..i was surprised that the garlic didn't turn black despite 200degress of high heat

Tender juicy chicken~~

Chicken Leg: 7.5/10 (cld be nicer with honey)

Soup: Instant stuff..nothing much to grade -.-'

Aglio Olio: 7.5/10 , beautiful effect from adding alcohol

Mushrooms: 7.5/10