Bread Making Course : Lesson 4

Monday, September 10, 2007 Posted by YY on 9:54 PM

This lesson is particularly slack, we had lotsa time to walk around.

I don't like the breads made today cos they contain wheat -_-' wheat disturbs my taste buds...

This bread contains shallots, wheat, and walnut. Its called French Walnut Wheat Country Bread. Onions smells great after baking, but eeek i hate walnuts and wheat >.>

This is the bread bowl, you can cut open the top and put soup inside. But before that, be sure to bake till the bowl is tougher and your soup must be thick soup.

Bread bowl with its insides cut out.

We made american chewy bagels as well. The initial decoration was with poppy seeds and sesame seeds, BUT the aunties snatched all the sesame seeds..zzz~ One thing about poppy seeds, different harvest times determines if the seeds are drugs. So Judy jokingly said,"If you find yourself missing me alot suddenly, it means i got my poppy seeds from illegal source" >.>'

On left is bagel with cream cheese. Right : Half a bagel with poppy seeds. Seriously, I dun taste anything special except the seeds go pop! pop! pop! in my mouth ..

Another loaf: Multigrain Health Bread

Cut them into slices before bringing home and..eek such alot of bread again. This time i learnt my lesson, i bring only 3 slices home.