Puff Pastry Lesson 2: Apple Strudel and Curry puffs

Sunday, September 16, 2007 Posted by YY on 1:32 AM

Last lesson on baking for this month, today we are gonna do Apple strudel and Curry puffs.
This time, butter sheet is used (it contains 60% butter) and we are gonna fold and roll this piece of dough+butter for 4 times..its definitely more than the croissant >.>'

However this time, I tip toed and didn't get much muscle aches hee~

Below: Baked green and red apples with cinnamon and sugar. This mixture tastes fantastic!

After rolling and folding this silly dough for 4 times (in btwn each fold, refrigerate), finally its ready to bake. Pic shows putting egg wash onto the apple-strudel-to-be before baking.

The baked product was to be cut into 2, then baked dry before adding apples in.

From the same dough, we made curry puffs too

The dried up puffs

As it seems much better to have 3 layers of puffs *it beats bringing back 3 apple strudels each actually >.>' * so we laid 2 layers of apples with whipped cream and custard..*slurp*

TA DA~ Apple Strudel is done. Tastes gd when refrigerated and sprinkled with snow sugar before serving.