Cooking Expedition : Ultra Rich Hokkaido Milk Loaf for dinner

Sunday, September 16, 2007 Posted by YY on 1:50 AM

Baking lessons have ended and its a good time to try something we always wanted to - The Hokkaido Milk Loaf. This bread requires milk and whipping cream, ultra rich and fattening stuff >.>

Initially dinner plan was to cook crab cakes, somehow cold storage doesn't sell that mustard..ZZZ~ So cooking plans changed drastically while we were strolling aimlessly in the mart. In the end, I decided let's make full use of the bread we make then, we shall have sandwiches for dinner...*Other pple's breakfast combi we eat as dinner*

Main course : Hokkaido Milk Bread with
- Honey Baked Ham
- Mushroom
- Gloucester Cheese
- Egg Mayo
- Shredded Chicken Thigh baked with Curry Powder, Garlic and Chilli flakes
Total cost = $36 , freaking cheese costs $9+ liao..zzz~

Putting the techniques learnt in the past one mth, this picture below shows the bread after first fermentation. The dough is now rolled and placed into the tin, to undergo 2nd proofing that is supposed to take abt 1hr. Remember this pic.

Chicken thigh marinated, ready for baking

Hard boiled eggs with their yolks 4/5 cooked.

Egg Mayo, I think its tad too sweet due to Kraft's Mayo. zZz~

There's the bread dough after 1 hr..see the difference in size? Before that they were scrawny, and didnt even fill half the tin.

Gently put on some egg wash before baking

Meanwhile, time to attend to other ingredients for the sandwich. Was thinking to make those mushrooms like mushroom swiss @ burger king but..hmm~too troublesome..-_-'

Finally the chicken is done (The bread was "anxiously" waiting for the oven to be ready =.=') whole kitchen smells like curry powder. Its amazing that the chilli flakes did it nicely..for spicyness.

After awhile, the top of the bread was becoming too brown too fast..because we are using a small kitchen oven. So~ we covered the top with aluminium foil, before it gets chao ta by the time the rest of the bread is cooked.

Finally done in 40minutes...

Btm view of hokkaido loaf

O man..look at the texture *pls forget abt the fats it contains*

Putting cheese, ham, mushrooms and egg mayo then baking the sandwich for another 10mins -> to melt cheese and make it more dry.

Complete dinner..somehow abit big in proportion. 1 whole chicken thigh was shredded and shared. Another was in stomach to curb the hunger pangs >.<

Look at the time on the pics..its about 10pm when we finished cooking.zzz~

Dessert : A&W rootbeer with 1 scope of vanilla ice cream. Talk about calories... =.='''

This last minute changed menu was pretty good, except mushrooms was not in mushroom swiss sauce else it would have been puurrrfect~

Bread : 8/10
Sandwich as a whole : 8.5/10 *except too big for my stomach -_-' *
Drink : 6.5/10 Too Sweet~
Chicken thigh: 8/10 *slurp*
Egg Mayo : 6/10 *Kraft mayo too sweet liao*