Cooking Expedition (02/03/08)

Friday, April 25, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:58 PM

Cooking expedition has resumed (have been cooking but not so large scale can?) and this time we have K's parents who are eating as well.

So something interesting for soup, sharksfin soup..of cos we never use sharks fin, we used:
1.) Fish Maw
2.) Hua Diao Wine
3.) Crab Meat
4.) Dried Scallops
5.) HomeMade Chicken Broth(By K's mother)

Serving instructions: Add red vinegar, white pepper to taste.

Dried scallops

Dried Fish Maw

Went to get two live crabs, steamed them and took the meat out..Manual work is always tiring ~

Cooking the fish maw..

Add abit of hua diao wine..

Finally done~ Tastes like the real deal, except scallop bits were tad too chewy for my real-but-function-like-fake teeth =.='

At the same time, in the same kitchen..K was trying out this new recipe called red wine curry pork bun. Onions,garlic and carrots needed for frying with pork.

Red Wine for the pork, add wine before curry.

Mix curry powder with abit of water..pour in after frying pork for awhile.

Fry fry fry~ add tomato paste to give the pork flavour and coloring

Fry till its non watery state, else its gonna flow out of ur bun bun.

Stuffed the filling into bun..and discovered that the oven was spoilt! Top element is not working zzz~

So many buns were "ruined" cos they had their bases cooked till cripsy brown/chao ta but the top is so K turned it over and we had top and bottom brown breads..middle is white but cooked. Took the remaining 2 buns to my hses..the result below, K sifted flour on it.

Very soft bread with fantastic filing but cannot sell leh..too high cost -.-'