Victor's Kitchen (09/03/08)

Thursday, April 24, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:36 PM

We have heard so much about Victor's Kitchen from other foodies' blogs..its time we find out the "truth" for ourselves. To be factual, Victor's Kitchen is not exactly cheap at all..(refer to earlier post on Ah Yat Abalone's Shaw Tower Branch with 50% off from Mon to Sat) Ah Yat's actually cheaper than Victor's Kitchen..this sounds damn crappy, but its true.

Other than the XO sauce, I was not impressed with anything else. Seriously~ at this price, I was expecting something much better..not half **** dim sum.

Ordered chao siew bao, steamed carrot cake(i craved for this since returning from HK), pork ribs and steam rice rolls below.

This is the XO sauce, which was good.

All in all, Victor's Kitchen is wayyyyy overrr rated.