Hoshi Japanese Restaurant @ IMM (Multiple visits)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:33 PM

This Jap restaurant in IMM has existed ever since my dad brought us to the "old" IMM to look for furniture for our new home..prolly like 15yrs ago? o.O

K has got good experiences with this restaurant in the buffet area..so this time we decided to try the teppanyaki dishes. Looked through the menu, $29 teppanyaki set with:
1. Salmon
2. Beef
3. Oyster with egg
4. Prawns
5. Veggies
6. Appetisers and fruits, complimentary drink
To top it off, we added a chicken dish.

Salmon is very nice, cooked to perfection with sauce. Great for mixing with rice~

Prawns..well may look little..but all portions have been halved cos we shared the set

Sample of cod fish(ate this with ks and beng on another occasion)


This is the chicken teppanyaki, extra dish we ordered.

So far, we have ended up as satisfied customers for the past few visits =)