Desaru Trip 2D1N (29/03 ~ 30/03)Part 1

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:25 PM

Trip details:
Duration - 2D1N
Location - Desaru (Malaysia)
Cost - $88 per person incl. ferry tixs, breakfast and room (+$15 to upgrade room)
Exchange rate - S$ 1 = RM2.30
Resort - Desaru Golden Beach Resort (not the bestest choice though -.-)

K chose the departure time at 7am plus at first..phew I managed to dissuade him and we fixed it at 10am+ , afterall we can only check in at about 3pm as mentioned. Thanks to K's parents, we had breakfast at Changi Village before setting off.

At 9am, we are at Changi point ferry terminal..*snores..cos I woke up so early* Finally at 9+am ~10am, we breezed through the customs and boarded the ferry. Bright and sunny day..woot~

From top left in clockwise direction: ferry terminal aka the customs , bright sunny morning x2, the ferry we are taking.

After about 30mins ride, here we are in our passports chopped and this driver from the Desaru Golden Beach Resort appeared and vroom vroom~ off we went to the resort. In the van, we realised there were 4 other malay youngsters whom we met on the ferry as well..what a coincidence?! There were so little pple residing in the resort, i think its less than 50 for occupants.

Clockwise direction: The swimming pools, the path ways in the resort, resort lobby, reception counter

Clockwise: Here's the bellboy who expected a tip for dropping us in front of the room, but we just jumped off and there~ i caught his face on camera -.-'' ; next is the resort room..4 rooms in one block; view of the resort from the beach; sun setting at the other side of the resort.

Upon reaching the room, we saw a large puddle of water on the floor under the aircon...zzzzzzzz! So we called for the repairman and he simply added coolant, not much use eh -_-

After leaving our luggage(excl passports) in the room, we decided to go for lunch in the hotel cafe *no other choices lah* But wonders wonders....the food is damn good, please forget all the Al Azeer, Al Amin late night supper areas.

K ordered Nasi Kandar - RM22 or was it 20 *ouch..i know* Very nice stuff.. there's fish curry,
pappadam (great crispy cracker) , fried boiled egg, sambal chilli prawns, chicken wing, cabbage and salad like stuff with plain rice.

My lunch was Nasi Goreng (priced at RM15 >.<), looks innocently plain fried was damn spicy but fragrant due to the cripsy ikan bilis inside. The rice left me fanning my tongue =p after each bite. I suspect the rice has been cooked using water that was used to soak chilli padis in >_>'' The meal was complete with nice cripsy pappadam, chicken wing and sunny side up egg and salad.

After lunch, we went to request for a change of room. Well, the new room is colder and we slept in the cold aircon room for the next few hours. I had a hard time waking K up to go watch sunset..but there was NO SUNSET in view T_T..but we saw her..

A CAT in desaru~ It seems she has a cataract in her right eye, which may be totally/partially blind cos she ducks when we approach from right. This kitty is so friendly, rubbing herself ..and when i whipped out my cam, she posed for us.
It was also quite hilarious to see her sitting down on the grass in an unsettling manner due to the casuarina fruits(since young, i have been fascinated with these little durians)

Oh man, look at shiok from all the patting (pic on left top and bottom)! Once K touches her head, she goes into orgasm mode >.<'' or maybe it was K who orgasm..cos he got so 肉紧 after that n_n!

At the beach, grr sunset is at the other direction aka the back of us.