Desaru Trip 2D1N (29/03 ~ 30/03)Part 2

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:11 PM

Since there was no sunset, we took a short walk along the beach and returned to the hotel restaurant for dinner cos we are joining the FIREFLY tour(RM35..ya la ya la tio ka again la) WEE~

So off we went in search for dinner, we had planned to take dinner out of the hotel premises but there was nt enuff time cos firefly tour starts at 7.45pm o.O
There was only seafood bbq buffet for ala carte until 9pm or smth SO~ tio chop carrot again lor -> RM50 nett per person for buffet dinner..chin chye la.
Had some fun making ice kachang using the ancient looking machine, but i suck at it, cos my bowl had lotsa large ice crystals zzz~

It was breezy with sea winds blowing in with dim lights around,great ambience but was short of JAZZ music! After about 1hr, i got tired of eating (nothing much actually) so we got to the hotel lobby to gather for the firefly tour.

We headed into a van which took 2 of us and the 4 pple we met in ferry earlier on..coincidence again? I was wondering abt the "are we (6 of us) gonna die together?!?" -_-' The van took us for a rough ride through fields with grass taller than us, wildness and darkness surrounded our little van and garang driver, behind us there was a car following us around..i got pretty nervous..
"Robbery? Kidnap?" thoughts ran through my mind, but nah they are just a local family driving behind us as they didn't know their way there. Actually, I duno where they are bringing us either -_-'''

When we got there, all of us put on safety vests and walked cautiously onto this wooden boat, sat down and waited for some other tourists from other resorts to join us. When all arrived, the boat departed from the deserted pier into the unknown darkness... it was damn scary cos we were travelling along this river, with either banks filled with mangrove trees, the only light was moonlight. Once into the deep forest, the guide on the boat started using a small pail attached to a long pail at the other end to splash water into the trees..and there u have it~ The fireflies appeared! They simply looked like miniature bulbs on christmas trees. It was very hard to take pics in the dark, and K took some shots of the trees with fireflies that looked like supernatural orbs ~_~
*EEK* I deleted those pics immed. upon return. In the pic below, you can see the lighted little points on the tree..those are fireflies ^^

After the interesting trip, we returned to the shore and saw this kitty at the pier..SO CUTE~ and it has got an earring on its right ear tip o.O

Returned to the hotel room and discovered that the aircon is WARM..zzz this is what happens when you don't choose a more prestigious resort -___-

Had a very bad night sleeping in the warm room due to lousy wld have been better to open doors seriously~ And i got bitten more than 10times! Face, back, shoulder, thigh, arms, neck..zzz!! Bad night for me..silly K was sleeping soundly despite the heat >=0

Woke up, had a bath..K and grumpy me went to beach to catch a glimpse of the sunrise at 6.30am..Hmm~ but there was nothing except a light blue sky..could the sun have risen? But just we were about to give wasn't ..slowly we saw the red egg yolk rose from the horizon and above the seas..into the sky.

From left to right, photos are arranged in time taken sequence. This collage depicts the sunrise scenery we saw @ desaru.

We had buffet breakfast that was included in the tour package. As i was in half slumber mode..i only managed to remember nice beenhoon, nasi lemak and fantastic roti prata (K had several helpings) . Next thing was, I fell asleep on the beach chair for the next half hour with a satisfied belly..great sea breeze there I tell you. Then we decided to pack our stuffs and checked out by 12noon.

It was such a hot day, that I gather the temperature on my head would be able to cook a sunny side up. Since there's Go-Kart centre there, we decided to give it a try at RM35 per person for 15minutes of Go-Karting...sounds ex right? BUT 15mins under the hot sun, with my vehicle breaking down for 3-4 times is notch fun the end of 15mins, I'm so pek chek with heat >_<.. however K enjoyed himself thoroughly.

The Desaru Grand Prix

Inside our go karts..the guy in charge insists on taking peeks for ok lor??

Had lunch back at hotel cafe and waited..waited..waited for 5.30pm to arrive from 2pm onwards..Thank god there was "WHITE CHICKS" on tv @ the hotel lobby..else I would have died of learnt a few lessons here:
1. Do not always choose late return timings
2. Do not leave your passport in ur luggage ever
3. Always ensure your aircon in the hotel room works, maybe u shldn't even switch
it off if its working >_>'

Home sweet home~