Wasabi Tei Japanese Restaurant @ Far East Plaza (04/04/08)

Thursday, May 01, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:16 PM

Was walking around Far East Plaza 5th floor searching for new dinner hangouts when we saw this long queue outside this shop..hmm~

We took a peek into the shop and saw 2 persons serving about 12-16 customers at one time in the shop..no wonder the Q was so long -.-'
It looks similar to those eateries in Japan according to K's fren..so in view of the Q, we decided to KIV 1st.

On 4th April, which was a friday..we came to Wasabi Tei finally! Was in the queue for about 20mins >.<''..and oh~ they only accept cash..heng we drew money -_-''

We went in and found the overall ambience very quiet, everyone seems to be eating their meals silently or speaking hush hush tones..what's wrong???

The shop served about 15 pple at most at once, its like bar counter seats and the couple(wife and husband worked in the middle to serve us customers)We started browsing through the menu, then the auntie snapped,"Hey don't bend our menu leh!" We nodded and quickly browsed through for the next 5mins..and the auntie came again, with a buey song face..impatient for our orders. We placed order and off she went..

Next we were served this appetiser..still duno what the black stuff is..grain shells? tea leaves? However it tasted quite good like mei cai kou rou *slurp*

Our next order came along later: Chuka Kurage , was served on a small saucer dish.

Then we saw the chef worked with a large piece of unagi of about 10-12cm in length, 5cm in width.. lay rice over the seaweed and the next thing was he laid the entire piece of unagi on the rice, rolled it into a sushi roll..cut into 4 pieces and poured some sauce on the top. And there~ it landed in front of us..its our order O.o

we were damn surprised cos you will never get this large piece of unagi in ur sushi if you ate at suckae..or some others. All this for the price of $5!

Tuna fish sushi (maguro sushi) for K cos I dun eat raw stuffs..$5 for this i think..

Up next! Tempura prawns..fresh and crunchy for $8

Our beef set(yakiniku) that comes with rice, fruits. This beef tastes great with lotsa garlic and onion in there..heavy flavoured stuff!

After pushing the beef down our throats..so full by then, K was slowly sipping his green tea when the auntie served the watermelons and pushed the bill into our sight..

K made payment and continued sipping his drink while I took a pic of the illegible writing on the bill.. >_>'' its worse than a doctor's handwriting I assure u *hiaks* There's no service charge, no gst here.
Total damage : $41. Yummy food at good price..but service is...

The next thing that happened was unforseened..the chef SNAPPED! "好了没有?! 好了快点走!!" Lol and I quickly whisked K out of the shop, grinning to myself..

Latest Update:We went back in mid Apr on one fine day(not a fri/sat/sun), was searching on what to eat..Alas the malay ze char was closed.

With some expectations of a queue @ wasabi tei..we popped our heads into the corner and saw..WOOT, there's no Q. *GASP* there were empty seats in there! We entered sheepishly and ordered our stuffs quickly. This time we were cautioned by auntie that we can only order ONCE, no next orders -.-' *I saw one guy got pissed over this rule*

However, auntie/chef was in good mood this time and we actually saw them SMILE, was thinking tio beh beo liao~

We tried:
* Codfish hotpot @ $15 which was worth every cent, large amounts cabbage and fresh fish thinly sliced that was cooked just right.
Rice and watermelons included.
* Mekajiki(swordfish) sushi that came in 12 fresh, thick, juicy slices (about 1cm thick) @ $12
* Unagi sushi(again cos i loved the large piece of unagi) @ $5

Total bill was $36 including our drinks.

Rules @ Wasabi Tei
1.) Thou shall not bend the menu
2.) Thou must order one dish per seat
3.) Thou shall only order ONCE
4.) Thou shall pay $2 for each seat, this comes with a choice of soft drink(s)/green tea
5.) Thou shall eat, pay and get out asap
Flout any rules above, you will have the chef/auntie barking at you~ HOHOHO -.-'