Departure to Taiwan~!

Thursday, August 07, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:24 PM

Date: 21/06/08
Departure time: 0830
Journey: SIN -> HK->TW(Taipei Taoyuan Airport)
Arrival time: 1500

At departure Gate: D44, some hiccups before boarding the flight...cos K didn't have our hualien cabbie's hp number -_-. This resulted in some 3G surfing for the cabbie's contact, the bill later reflected $13 FOR SURFING IN SG! ***

Stopover in HK airport for a short while and we boarded the Cathay flight again. This is my 2nd time with Cathay, I would say my experience with them so far has been sub standard.

Seriously wondered why they took so long to serve snacks/tea break on the 1 hour 15mins flight from HK to TW...cos I was still munching on my steamed meat dumplings when the pilot announced, "We are descending to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport now~" -.-'' Another thing was that there was not enough food to go around. In the end K,YH,YJ had cod fish with rice instead.

Finally arrived at Taoyuan Airport. It was quite a shock..cos I thought TW airport would be more of less like Changi's T1 or smth, but apparently it wasn't.

For transportation to our Hotel, we took the Freego bus (飞狗巴士). To buy tickets, please look for airport exit, turn left and walk right to the end. At this area, you will see several take a look at the places they go to to determine which bus to take. By the way, look out or the DOG signage if you are looking for Freego. While I was scouting around, a cabbie actually offered to take us to East Dragon Hotel for NT400 per pax.

Ah ha~ it costs only NT240 for a To-And-Fro trip (airport -> hotel and vice versa). For single trip its NT130 with Freego. Do not take up the offer unless you are in a great hurry, cos Freego takes about 1hour to reach your hotel.

The freego bus tickets.

Hotels that the Freego bus goes to, accurate as per 21st June 08, 15:51.

This is how the bus boarding area looks like. The Freego buses depart about every 30-40mins , so meanwhile you can sit around the ticketing area and wait for the bus ushers to shout for you..yes literally shout.

Freego bus seats are so comfy that we fell asleep right till they drop us off at the pickup point for hotel bus to pick us up.