Taiwan Trip Review: Some interesting stuff about Taipei

Friday, August 08, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:09 PM

Upon stepping my foot on Taoyuan Airport, the first place I visited was the loo and something looks weird here. Why is there a bin in the cubicle?

I looked up and saw this notice..there was a nagging thought in my mind regarding the question, "So should I throw the soiled tissues into the bin???"

A few moments later, we emerged from the Ladies and Gents to share our thoughts on this weird issue and K gave us a good insight on the Gents. K said that the Gents toilet stinks like hell cos there was toilet paper with sai *sai sounds better than shit here hohoho~* inside the bin! OMG~

So what do they do with papers inside the bin? Recycle? Pulping? Ewww >.<''

The Taiwanese are really passionate about recycling and classifying their garbage. We were here standing by the road, waiting for the hotel's bus to pick us up when the garbage truck came by. It took us by surprise that the Taiwanese were taking their garbage out for disposal, categorised and packed nicely. Rubbish bins are scarce but some shop owners will help you with the disposal of your drinks. In some areas, the bins are classified to take only paper or plastic. I really hope our people can start exercising recycling instead of talk only. Talk is cheap.

Taipei trains are quite entertaining due to the comics on the walls. These comics were supposed to convey different messages like "Do not eat in train", "Give up your seat"..etc. This comic shown above is one of the few comics conveying the message of "Do not eat in trains." Pretty comical yea?

7-11 stores in Taipei are well equipped, ranging from normal tidbits to rice balls as shown to facial paper masks..almost anything can be found in here! O wow~
Over here, we take a long time to shop in 7-11 too but its because we cannot find anything to buy -.-