Taiwan Trip Review: East Dragon Hotel

Friday, August 08, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:24 PM

East Dragon Hotel was chosen because it was one of the rare hotels that offers a Quad Room - 4 people room and furthermore, its located in town area.

* Room Type: Quad Room, 2 double beds.
* Cost per night per person: Approx. S$40 due to payment using credit card, else would be S$35.
Well, it does not sound logical to pay by cash which would be NT28860 O_O''
East Dragon Hotel accepts credit card payments, however the bank's rate was really poor like NT18.5 = S$1 :'( SAD CASE.
* Extra Facilities: Bath tub, fridge with freezer, hair dryer, TV with cable tv programs.
* Other Perks:
1.) 4 bottles of mineral water provided everyday. It seems that the chamber maids only replenish the missing bottles if any, no more than 4 bottles each day.
2.) Meal coupons for everyday breakfast. This is a standard set of 2 eggs, 1 ham, 1 butter roll, 1 tea/coffee, 1 orange juice.
3.) Laundry Service: Available at NT70/kg. Clothes were nice smelling and neatly pressed. I presume this service is outsourced by the hotel and it takes roughly 1 day for delivery back to your room.
4.) Complimentary green tea bag and instant coffee in the room.
5.) Hot boiling water dispenser available within 2mins walking distance from room.

This is East Dragon Hotel lobby. Security guards were manning the counter during the night but they don't question nor verify your identity when you collect your room keys which is pretty erm..unsecure?

Our quad room was located at the corner => bigger room. It has 2 double beds and is separated by a walkway that leads to the toilet. The pics above meant to show how big the room was. The TV was our greatest entertainment after breakfast,before we left the hotel. There were SO MUCH japanese programs @.@ that we slept at 1am every night hiaks~

One of the most important places, the bathroom~ Glad that it was well equipped and cosy =D

4 of us at breakfast. Breakfast was from 0730 to 1000. This breakfast set is pretty standard for everyone and they were pretty shocked when we requested like only 1 egg / only tea no other stuffs XD

正所谓,入乡随俗..I would recommend going over to 7-11 or across the road to 永和豆浆 for local breakfast items like 豆浆,饭团, 蛋饼,饺子, 馒头 etc..