Taiwan Trip Review: 小吃 Heaven (Part 2)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Posted by YY on 9:50 PM

No.10: Instant Noodles(Cup noodles)

Taiwan cup noodles has got tender beef in thick sauce, together with seaweed for only S$2.00! The cup noodles in Taiwan are so different from the SG ones with measly portions of dried shrimps, crab stick. If I am not wrong, Myojo even removed the dried shrimp recently >=0

No particular brand to recommend here, but what's inside is definitely what you see outside =D

No.11 泡泡冰

This fine shaven ice dessert I am having above is yam flavoured ice, many flavours are available and they are very smooth like your slurpee from SG 7-11. Great for the hot summer!

No.12: 臭豆腐 (Smelly beancurd)

There's like 1001 styles of smelly beancurd in Taiwan. Out of the group of 4, YJ and K eats smell beancurd so they couldn't try everything >_>
Liking smelly beancurd is an acquired taste -.-'

Just to quote some examples, there's BBQ ones with lotsa flavours, out of which they tried 沙茶酱 and 麻辣. And there's some very stinko ones sold in Raohe night market. Soup style with coagulated duck blood, smelly beancurd and salted veggies. In the pic above, its some fried smelly beancurd with pickled veggie.

In short, it stinks. Ok, K wanted me to say it ROX! *pinches nose*

No.13: BBQ Squid(Another 1001 styles available snack)

During stopover at Danshui night market, we tried this style of BBQed squid..it was grilled over charcoal, served mayonnaise, bonito flakes and seaweed sprinkled lavishly in Japanese style.

Another style we had during Shilin night market was this simple BBQ squid with chilli powder. K drools all over again when he recalls the taste XD

Yet another style at Jiufen old street which was YH and YJ's fav..BBQ squid with lemon juice, chilli powder and sesame seeds.

Next post..will be introducing snacks specific to stalls.