Taiwan Trip Review: 小吃 Heaven (Part 3)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:24 PM

No.14: 江阿姨蔬菜大蛋饼

The news of this stall got to us from a cooking tips webby(located in Taiwan) and we decided to pay this popular(popular with students) stall a visit. K printed out its location from google map and we took a long long time to locate the stall when it was just around the corner from MRT exit. I thought guys were good at topo skills *shrugs* XD

But anyway, we got there and took a Q number on a weekday afternoon..meanwhile I stood waiting beside the stagnant water sewage drain which strangely didn't stink >.<

In the pic, clockwise from top right: The stall with lotsa articles and Q number system; the packaging looks like the contents were about to burst out; the thick egg crepe with lotsa cabbage in it; the eggs were drizzled with japanese sauce that tastes like tempura dip sauce and chilli.
Personally, I felt that the chilli was not needed, cos it tasted great on its own. The aroma of pan fried eggs coupled with fresh cabbage and tempura dip sauce was heavenly and very filling even though 2 of us were sharing it.

No.15: Bubble Tea

After buying the egg crepes, we went in search for a spot to rest and eat. Turned around a corner and saw this franchise store selling bubble tea. How can we not have bubble tea when we visit Taiwan~?? This is a must drink item..and to be truthful, I never find any stores in SG cooking such perfect pearls..chewy, honey sweet mixed together with thick milk tea(red tea). Such a perfect match with the egg crepes~

No.16: 小林煎饼(Kobayashi)

Saw this cake being featured on 综艺大哥大 sometime ago and was itching to try it. The actress trying it looked like she was on cloud 9th so I had to try it too =)

The special thing about this bell shaped cake is that it tastes different under different temperatures. Sorry no pics on the shop cos pics ain't allowed due to patented equipments.
In the pic, clockwise from top right: The paperbag; the bell shaped cakes that were made on the spot and sold right at the shop; ancient japanese bell shaped; the cream inside the cake.

The pics were taken when it was piping hot from the shop. When eaten hot, its like cake with vanilla cream, when placed in freezer its like chewy cake with vanilla ice cream.
I was expecting the cake to taste like 鸡蛋糕 but it wasn't so..so I was abit disappointed *the actress must have faked it -.-'' * But to conclude, I think it tasted better when its frozened.

No. 17: 福州世祖 胡椒饼@饶河夜市 (Pepper biscuit @ RaoHe Night Market)

Located at RaoHe night market, this stall is right at the entrance..a queue is expected. Luckily we didn't have to Q to get our biscuit.

After buying the biscuit, we hopped into the 7-11 nearby and started examining this hot (pun intended) biscuit we just bought. Its pretty hard, smells really nice..peppery with roasted sesame smell.

One bite and I nearly concluded this is my fav snack from the entire trip ^^'' This pepper biscuit is very flavourful, with lotsa veg and meat (nt fatty meat) inside..crispy on the outside, soft and flavourful on the inside *drools all over again*

No. 18: 文化阿给 ( Wenhua Ah Gei @ Near Danshui Mrt Station)

According to sources, this particular shop selling Ah Gei which is a Taiwan specialty closes at 6pm. At 5.30pm, we were stuck at Danshui mrt due to unforeseen circumstances( heavy rain, YJ screwed up..etc)..so we quickly decided we should take a cab to the address provided immediately before we miss the opportunity to try this goodie.

So off the 3 of us went onto a cab that was waiting by the road, told him the address and I was glancing around nervously to see that he didn't take us on a roundabout (带我们去卖)..
I mean its really obvious that we are tourists visiting Taiwan and its easy to get robbed..etc
But anyhow, he brought us to the destination and the meter didn't move abit. I was about to pay NT70 when he said "NO..NT100.." In the end we also paid cos we were running late..its 5.45pm!

There was a short queue before closing time and the auntie's actions were too fast to be captured on camera -.-''

So we got the Ah Gei from WenHua stall and saw there was another one..so we bought one as well for comparison purposes. We took a bus and went back to Danshui station to meet YJ. At the Danshui park, we opened the package and took a peek. Looks ordinary, tau pok nia..covered with fish paste.

Then we poked it apart with a pair of chopsticks and oh man~ how did they twirl the tung hoon neatly into the tau pok? Remains a mystery till now..

The taste and texture of the tunghoon from WenHua stall definitely wins the other hands down~
The spicy flavour gravy we chose, coupled with thick chewy tung hoon was fantastic. And soon we were dripping gravy all over the park bench.

This is my favourite Taiwan snack.