Taiwan Trip Review: 肥牛烧肉 ( Yakiniku ) Restaurant

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:07 PM

Passed by 肥牛烧肉 when me and K were searching for the egg crepes stall and we made a mental note to revisit...cos we saw "NT199 buffet"!

As our itinerary was literally free and easy on saturday(28th June), we brought our full strength aka empty stomachs down to Taipei Main Station stop and here we are @ Yakiniku for lunch. Walked up the stairs, removed our shoes..o wow~ nice ambience.

These are the counter seats..everyone w.o their shoes XD

The overall deco of the restaurant is as above. The tables are built over this "hole" where we rest our feet in, so there's no kneeling/ crossing of legs that results in discomfort.

The damage for this BBQ charcoal grill buffet is NT357 + on a weekend, NT199+ for a weekday.
Fortunately we were just in time to a table for 4 and the waitress told us that we have two hours to BBQ. Duno who in the group said, "2 hours so little.." I replied,"By the first hour, you will be tired. Trust me."

We settled down and started reading the very chim menu while the waitress was setting up our table and fitting the charcoal stove into the prefixed hole in the table. A little bin lined with plastic bag was provided for us to throw chao ta stuffs, how thoughtful~

The waitress saw that we were taking very long to "digest the menu" ..so she suggested a basic set. And then...came this whole avalanche of food OMG!

From top left pic, clockwise: We have thin slices of beef, pork, Japanese style salad; seafood platter which includes fish, prawns, squid, shisamo;steamboat; special item - one time order for per pax..grilled mochi! The grilled mochi was ordered at the end, each special item(there's many others) like this can be ordered only once per pax..since all of us were so full, we ordered a honey and another peanut flavoured mochi. Some other foods we tried were 秋刀鱼, 鱼下巴. All the food were fresh and service was prompt. Desserts includes ice cream(self service) as well.

So we started with the SG way of oiling the grill by grilling the fatty meats first.

In the pic, YJ and YH were busy munching, K is bbqing.. while I am taking pics. In the foreground, its the steamboat which comes with a gas stove.

Half thawed meat is very hard to separate -_-' *see expression*

肥牛 indeed lives up to its name by providing fatty beef..the oil from the meats drizzled into the charcoal and flames just kept coming up. But no, we didn't smell one bit like bbq beef later on..the exhaust system/cooker hood was damn good. See the where the flames are going? That's the purpose of that metal thingy *can't find a word for this man* , to draw the fumes from the stove into the exhaust system.

Near closing time, the waitress and waiter who had looked on anxiously due to the big flames came forward and took our stove away o.o??? Duno what happen..but we were too full to care. Maybe they thought we were going to burn their shop down or smth..but but but this is the Marina South BBQ training we had =D Later on, YJ told us that the table behind us were staring at our flames..hohoho~

By 14:30, we were raising the white flag. Eating so much meat, oil at one go gave us all indigestion..but its well worth the money. After paying the bill, we got back our change and had a pleasant surprise ^^ Complimentary chewing gums to remove whatever debris stuck in the teeth and to freshen up our breath, how nice of them~!

On our way out, we saw this board at the door. This board depicts the rules in Yakiniku..one of which caught my eye - 禁止焚烧 0 分考卷 ( No burning of zero marks exam papers ) Damn funny can!

After we came out from Yakiniku, we saw dark clouds gathering, strong winds blowing and woo~ even heavy rain days in Taiwan looks different from SG??!!? Time to look for shelter at 新光三越..