Taiwan Trip Review: Minimal Cafe ( 极简 )

Sunday, August 24, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:56 PM

What would you expect to see in this residential district?

When we took a cab down to Minimal Cafe from Taipei 101, we were expecting a cafe located in town area...Who knows the cabbie dropped us off at the end of the alley and told us to walk in -.-'
Took a 5min walk trying hard to look out for a cafe, suddenly we saw a cafe emerged from nowhere O.o and we noticed it because a cat appeared by the roadside.

Minimal Cafe was one of the must visit cafes for me and K cos we love cats...as the planning of the itinerary was totally up to the 2 of us, the other 2 girls have to tag along *although they prefer dogs over cats* :D

Cool rusty signboard..is it rusted on purpose?

Minimal Cafe has got 2 zones, smoking and non smoking. But hell..smoke is in the air! There's some light snacks like sandwiches, cakes and drinks. Most of the patrons brought along laptops to surf on the free Wifi provided. We didn't manage to get a table for 4, so we waited outside..then inside the smoking zone and got engulfed by the smoke -_-

Minimal Cafe has this homely feeling with all the furniture colors and soft lighting.

Ambient lights with comfy sofa at the smoking zone..duno why? The pic above shows the scratching posts available for the cats. There are some cardboxes for kittens..some of them were sleeping soundly in the scratching post as well.

Their menu is really cute with all the cute cat pics as background.

In Minimal Cafe, most of the cats roam freely. They can appear beside you, on the counter, on the basin, in the loo..ANYWHERE. This black cat jumped up our table and started drinking from the glass without any warning. LOL~

The breeds available here are not exotic, they are just like the usual strays's breed you see on the streets. You will see why I say so later..*in comparison to Cat Garden* But there's kittens in Minimal Cafe =D

Hygience maybe a concern for some, so Minimal Cafe may not be that suitable for those who are fussy over cats appearing in the kitchen where food is prepared.

"Did someone say FOOD??" Suddenly the cats went in line and strolled into the kitchen...

Mama cat? Not sure about this, but one of the kitchen staff was trying to stop the oversized mama cat from eating from the kittens' bowl, apparently she failed..kitty won! Orange kittens are so cute >_<

One of the cats caught my attention..what's it trying to do with its paw inside the fish tank? Fishing? No..i saw it drank some water from the fish tank XDD

Something funny about the toilet here, two toilet bowls next to each other means..you get to do your business TOGETHER with a friend or a stranger?!! Well, we saw a lady went to stop a girl from closing the door and she eventually went in..to pee together? Eww~

One of the cute kittens sleeping on the scratching posts. When we were there, the kittens were being fed deworm medicine, it was so bitter that one of the kittens stood there motionless with saliva dripping all over the ground. We quickly enticed the staff and she told us its normal cos the medicine is very bitter..the cat looked like this -> >.<

After some 1.5hrs, we finally got enough of cats and photos snapping. We had to walk through this alley with dim lights to get to the nearest main road..then K commented that we looked terrifying under this light and we couldn't see why at first until we posed for the "occasion".