The cutie pies @ workplace (when they were 2+ mths old - 10th July)

Friday, September 19, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:15 PM

This following post is all about cats. If you like cats, continue on..

The cat(we named her crookie due to her crooked tail >_>'') at my workplace was heavily pregnant till around end May. When we first saw her, she was sitting at the bus stop looking at the crowd, our impression was she's such a gentle cat. Somehow, we got attracted to her and started giving her some food in the morning.

One fine morning(2nd June 08), we went to work and saw her tummy deflated but no kittens were seen and crookie had resumed her normal activities. For nearly 2 months, no kittens were seen..I thought she ate them cos her stomach now had a bulge -.-'

BUT BUT BUT..after returning from 16days trip(taiwan/hk), we saw her and she still recognised us ^^ *I thought she forgot abt us*. While feeding her, I happened to look elsewhere and saw a kitten staring at us! the kittens are alive! Later on this week, we discovered her hiding place was not where we thought it was originally..and the kittens are well hidden inside the bushes.

General Bio Data:-

Mama Cat:
Name: Crookie or Crookie Baobao
Characteristics: Big ears, crooked tail and small mouth.
Character: Behaves like a big kitten when alone with us, responds to "chuk chuk chuk" sounds. Shakes her tail tip when we say "crookie baobao!"

Kitten 1: Pic taken on 10th July 2008
Name: Zaizai
D.O.B: About end of May 2008
Characteristics: Sharp face, slightly crooked tip tail with stripes, furry chest.
Character: Likes to sleep and is a lap cat. Falls asleep instantly when on lap.

Pic taken on 12th Aug 08, Zaizai has a sharper face now.

Kitten 2: Pic above was taken on 10th July 2008. She was too shy to come out until when 2mths old, she suddenly became sociable =D
Name: LuiLui (cantonese word for girl girl)
D.O.B: About end of May 2008
Characteristics: Crooked tail, furry chest, big round eyes.
Character: Likes to claw at anything available, active and is a lap cat. Often sits on her hind legs when playing.

Pic above was taken on 31th July 08.

And this was taken on 3rd Aug 08.Aww~
she has become much more sociable and no longer afraid to come nearer to us.

Kitten 3: Pic taken on 10th July 2008
Name: Buibin
D.O.B: About end of May 2008
Characteristics: Very straight black brown tail, furry face/chest and roundish face/body.
Character: Afraid of humans, very wary of human hands but will rub you when he's hungry. Likes meowing alot too.

Pics taken on 12th Aug 08, buibin has grown thinner in the face =(o.o)= But still afraid of us touching him =(