Their daily CAT-tivities...(July - Aug)

Sunday, September 21, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:52 AM

Taken on 11th July night, we placed a metal plate for the kittens to eat their wet food. The last kitten to finish is Buibin. He got frightened towards the last part of the video by a newspaper moved by the wind *so cute*

About 1.5mths old in this video:

Taken on 17th July morning, we captured the picture from a distance cos the kittens are still not comfortable when we are near.

Taken on 18th July, night time..finally I saw the kittens suckling =) 3 black tails bobbing as they suckle >_<

Taken on 12th August, LuiLui tries to suckle but Crookie seems to be weaning them off.

On some mornings/evenings, they are more active and that's when you see the 3 kittens playing on the slide. In fact, they do really climb up, slide down over and over again but within long intervals though and Crookie will be sitting somewhere, watching over them.

Can you spot the three of them inside?

Taken on 26th July:
Introducing the 3 kittens, first you see LuiLui(her crook tail) , then Buibin (distinct face) then Zaizai (striped tail)

Taken on 26th July:
The kittens have not become lapcats yet but Buibin has learnt the trick of the "trade", meowing for attention and food. Buibin seems to be the most attached to Mama Cat, crookie in this video. The mewing sounds heard are from Buibin and later on Crookie plays with him for awhile.

Taken on 13th August:
Zaizai and LuiLui on a stone bench after a meal, suddenly they start licking each other. *happens on and off between the 3 kittens + crookie*

Taken on 22th August:
Buibin and LuiLui fighting suddenly while Zaizai is playing with the toilet roll. Its fun watching them chase the toilet roll around but my camera is too lousy to capture all these -.-'

Taken on 25th August(1 month later from 26th July video):
3 kittens at play. First its LuiLui..after awhile she walks away. Buibin and Zaizai takes over and she came back again later -.-''