The sleepy kitties Zzz..

Monday, September 22, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:20 AM

This post contains some of the shots we managed to capture when the cats were feeling sleepy..

Let's start with Mama Cat, Crookie..

Evening hours..Crookie sits high on the stone bench and starts dozing off

Slowly her eyes blinks at slower frequency and...

The most lazy/sleepy kitten of the 3..Zaizai!

On K's office seems to be a comfortable haven for Zaizai and LuiLui.

On K's lap.. Its pretty weird that Zaizai and LuiLui became lap cats suddenly overnight but K was more than happy to have them laying on his lap.

Zaizai and LuiLui both on K's lap..falling asleep ~_~ Its very warm when you have two furry cats resting on you.

Zaizai falling asleep soon. Normallyafter a meal, Zaizai will curl up in a comfortable corner and start closing his eyes.

Zaizai lying on a gunny sack located near the mama shop at the void deck. He really knows where to get a comfortable nap =D

The rare pic of LuiLui falling asleep. She's one hyperactive and curious kitten *Once, she even chased a shuttlecock in play*

LuiLui on K's lap..she's a gentle kitty w.o her claws hehe~

And last but not least, buibin~

Buibin is the hardest kitten to capture cos he's not a lap cat and he's wary of HANDS.
I tiptoed to get this picture >_>

Buibin lying closer to us..but still NO HANDS pls.