Nirai Kanai @ Liang Court Basement (Revisiting)

Saturday, September 27, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:36 AM

I have personally been to Nirai Kanai for a few times be it Tanglin Shopping Centre or their recent newly opened branch at Liang Court. This time we are here at Liang Court to try out their new dinner sets which I a pretty good deal =)

Nirai Kanai @ Liang Court has a totally different feel from the other branch at Tanglin Shopping Centre. My dad once commented "Its just built out of wooden planks picked from junk yards!"
The above is the front door of Nirai Kanai @ Liang Court.

The interior~ Each table is separated by the wooden planks which makes each table more private although you may still hear what other tables are chatting about.

K at the table, this is a 2 person table / cubicle.

For first timers, I would recommend that you try this set which has almost everything that screams OKINAWAN FOOD and this goes for $20+++ only. *Drinks not included*

The champuru, bittergourd with egg and slices of meat comes in a generous portion and 3 slices of fatty tuna sashimi *slurp* Sorry for the blur pics, cos I was shaking from hunger. Another must try food from Okinawa is pork belly, soft tender meat and fats that melt in your mouth~

Another okinawan special, the peanut beancurd. This is heavy flavoured stuff, which is unique to okinawa. A full size item would have cost $8, in this set they actually give you half size ~!

My set which consists of a bonito flavoured fried rice, a full size pork belly noodle soup with pork ribs and peanut beancurd.

The pork belly noodles were great and its also one of the must tries here. After finishing the pork belly noodles, I actually had no more room for the rice -_-'' So the next morning, K had fried rice for his breakfast. Hee~

Bonito flavoured fried rice, which was good even for next day's consumption according to K.

Both the sets came with desserts and mine was okinawan donut. Crispy fragrant sweet stuff like our fried butterfly dough.

And K's dessert was 1 scoop purple sweet potato ice cream, which was fantastic and most of all not too sweet. =)

I am really glad that Nirai Kanai has adapted their menu to include sets throughout the day and also different discount offers (like thursday was 50% off sashimi) for the week. If you have not tried Okinawan food, drop by Nirai Kanai for a refreshing experience not found in SG Japanese food scene.