Desire Restaurant @ The Scarlet (1st Aug 08)

Saturday, September 27, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:39 PM

The Scarlet Hotel is located along Ann Siang Road, its a boutique hotel opposite the once-bustling ChinaTown area. Today, we are visiting The Scarlet cos I have been so curious about this boutique hotel ^^' and Desire is one of the top restaurants in SG.

Taken from opposite road: The Scarlet, very beautiful architecture.

Some seats outside their first level restaurant - Desire.

Desire has got purple, red and some other colors of lights that rotate about every 5-10mins.
The deco is bold and contrasting in colors.

The waitress served us some bread and butter while waiting. The bread was not bad and that's all I remember.

Asparagus with egg and truffles $34 . K wanted to try this appetiser cos it has been featured before and besides, this dish has got truffle oil and truffle shavings.

You are supposed to mix the poached egg with the rest of the items in the plate to get the best flavour. However, despite paying $34 for this dish..there were no traces of truffle flavour which K said was supposed to be like garlic o.O?

K had some white wine to complement his meal, he doesn't like red wine.

While waiting for the main course to arrive, I started posing with his glass.

"Cheers!" and then, I noticed something is not quite right in this pic ~_~

So hence, the retake. Cheers pple!

My main course, Kurobuta Pork $40 (Chef's Recommendation). To be truthful, the crispy skin reminds me of Crystal Jade's roasted pork. No doubt this dish was tender and flavourful, it did not impress me.

K's Guinea Fowl $42. K failed to recall the taste of this dish LOL~? The brown sauce was chocolate.

Total damage was over $100, I would recommend that you visit St. Julien or even Pasta Brava for a better experience. Seriously, we didn't know what is the main focus/style of dishes that Desire aims to serve. Fusion? Western? Oh my...