Hansang Korean Family Restaurant @ Sq 2

Friday, October 03, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:02 PM

We discovered Hansang Korean Family Restaurant (located at Novena Sq 2, #03-33) by chance, cos we were supposed to bring crookie to the vet but she didnt appear ._.
So we took some bus, got to novena and ventured upon this restaurant that serves authentic korean food. Since then, I have visited Hansang for about 4times =D

My experience with their food has been good so far, however service seems to be pretty poor during peak hrs as they are under staffed. Another thing is that, the serving crew does not keep track of what has been served, so we tried to get their attention to find out what has been served..what has not.

Korean rice wine @ $7, about 7%. K described the wine as being sweet and smooth with a tinge of rice fragrance. *Shake well before drinking*

Our first meal @ Hansang. We ordered 2 person set that came with 10 side dishes, spicy stewed mackerel, kimchi stew, hot stone pot rice, beef bulgogi, dessert and hot barley tea. The barley tea actually tastes alittle like coffee and we both felt it tasted better when served chilled.

The first 3 side dishes that were served. Consists of ikan bilis, mashed sweet potato and beans.

Close up on the dishes in the 2 person set. From top left, clockwise: hot stone pot rice with sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin and red date inside; beef bulgogi; kimchi stew; spicy stewed mackerel.

The korean way to eat the hot stone pot rice is to mash all the sweet potato and carrot, mix well before eating. This pot of rice is fantastic, chewy and slightly sweet..you can eat it on its own.

A plate of fresh leafy lettuce came together with the spicy stewed mackerel and some red sauce that tasted bean like. The manager told us to try eating the mackerel with the bean sauce, wrapped in a lettuce and it tasted quite refreshing. Spicy stewed mackerel is a MUST TRY in Hansang! Beware of bones though cos there's really alot -_-'

We were so full that we rarely touched the kimchi stew

The red bean mochi were served as dessert. Interestingly, one mochi was soft and another was harder and chewy. This created some surprise *hiaks* and the red bean was just nice..not too sweet *yummy*

On our 2nd visit to Hansang, we ordered a hot pot set which was meant for 1 person normally.
This set came with 10 side dishes as well.

The waiter came with a electric stove and our hot pot was placed on it o.O For once, there's no butane gas cyclinders.

Our hot pot came with noodles, mushrooms, veggies, beef..costs $30.
The soup was fantastic, ingredients were fresh and the noodles were bouncy. Something was quite funny about the noodles though, it never got soggy!

I would say Hansang is better than Auntie Kim in terms of prices. But for ginseng chicken *everyone likes it differently*, I prefer Auntie Kim's heavy flavoured version.
Hansang Korean Restaurant is bound to change your view about SG korean food *think food court variety* if you have only tried korean food from food courts. And by the way, U.d.d.e.r.s ice cream parlour is just nearby. Take a short walk there and enjoy an ice cream after the satisfying meal ^^