Shokudo Japanese Pasta & Pizza @ City Link =(

Sunday, October 05, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:51 PM

K wanted to visit the IT Show at Suntec City to get HDD and such, so we settled for lunch at Shokudo in City Link. Since the previous japanese restaurant closed down, a new japanese restaurant - Shokudo opened in its place.

Looking through the menu, I decided to try their soup pasta and well, tomato does sound I ordered beef pasta in tomato soup for $16.80++ and K ordered a pizza, $11.80++ and a green tea ice dessert with mochi and red bean.

The order arrived and the pizza looks ok but such a small sized and thin crust pizza for $11.80 ?? *Sigh* but at least its edible.

Then my order came and I was quite surprised to find 1/8 of a tomato inside my soup and THAT'S ALL? Fuck! I have to scold vugularities..let me tell you why:

1.) Soup was luke warm.
2.) Pasta a.k.a spaghetti was tasteless! Does not absorb the flavour of the soup at all and overcooked.
3.) Thinly sliced beef was really wayyyy overcooked.
4.) Soup did not have tomato flavours inside.

And with so little beef and noodles you are charging me $16.80++ !!??
Can somebody tell me why they freaking include a SOUP PASTA section in their menu? Spaghetti and WATERY soup really DO NOT BLEND. This sucks so much that I am not returning here anymore. No thanks.

So disappointed with them that I can't even be bothered to talk about the dessert that was equally bad, too sweet.

Please remove your entire soup pasta section, stop wasting ingredients to produce such lousy food. And please please please do not try to do FAKE FUSION STUFF again..what Japanese + Italian style!!?? Do taste your food before serving it, ok?


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