Marutama Ra-men@ The Central

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:01 AM

I have been visiting Marutama regularly since it was introduced to me last year.
This is the first ramen restaurant that I have been introduced to after having some sub standard ones like Aijisen(Changi Airport)..etc. Marutama has not let me down since.

Marutama is one of the many japanese restaurants located on the 3rd floor of The Central(located above Clarke Quay Station). A queue is expected during dinner time, can't say the same for lunch cos I have never been there during lunchtime -.-

In Marutama, they have 3 soup bases:
* Chicken soup base
* Very spicy chicken soup base *no joke*
* Soup base made from 7 different kinds of nuts

Chicken soup base is pretty "special" since most of the restaurants offer pork bone, shoyu, salt soup bases. The overall ambience in Marutama is quite comfy, except that customers mostly finish their meals and go off pretty quickly *cos there's a queue outside*

I was seated at the counter.

Chicken soup base ramen, with extra seaweed added(extra $4? Can't recall), comes with 1 piece of ultra soft charsiew.

As you can see noodles at Marutama are quite thin and cooked to al dente. If you like garlic, Marutama provides fried garlic flakes that adds more flavour to the chicken base soup. There is also kaedama available for an extra $1, you can add 1 person's share of noodles to your remaining soup. For the best experience, please order kaedma only if your remaining soup is still piping hot*tried and tested*

We ordered the Dashimaki Tamago, eggs cooked with Dashi stock. Tastes abit sweet with strong fragrance of fried eggs. $8 for this is quite expensive, but its fantastic =)

Added a Ajituke Tamago(egg) to my noodles, aww~ look at the yolk. Marutama does their eggs quite well, as in the yolk is half cooked and the soya sauce has infused into the egg whites.

Overall bill..GST and Svc Charge is always the killer, I can order another dish with it -_-

Information for Marutama, you may wish to call them up for reservations if you have a large group.