JAS Annual Event - Natsu Matsuri 2008 (23/08/09)

Monday, September 15, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:15 AM

Warning! The following post is a narcassistic posting which contains lotsa cam whoring, be warned ~_~

Last year, I wanted to attend the Natsu Matsuri event organised by JAS but was told that the event was limited to members =(

This year, the event is opened to members of the public but the tickets were selling like hotcakes!! I was praying to get 4 tickets but duh~ I only managed to get mine from YJ at like 1-2 days before the event itself -_-'''

Woke up bright and cheery to make my hair @ 10.30am.

My other best buy from HK's Mongkok centre, each for HK75 only..its made in China. To prevent loss of property (fire), switch it off once you find it hot -_-' *this is a workaround*

Saw a similar style in the Japanese magazine, but I did not have so much hair zzz~ So I used the straightener and my newly bought rubberbands, some clay and hairpins..ok I am done =D

After I was done, I called K and found out that K was still preparing for his dishes (for potluck gathering, that is to take place later at 12noon) -_-
So we met up and went to the gathering at Boon Lay until 4pm..and pia down to Expo for the shuttle bus to the Changi campus at 5pm.

But still, we were TOO LATE..so many people were crowding around the entrance and a Japanese directed us to this area which is for those with tickets. We waited for around 20mins and realisd the crowd was not moving. We thought there should be some ushers checking the tickets but there were none and I saw more and more girls appearing in their yukatas.

Eventually we pressed forward and I saw the signs saying "Yukata dressing room -> (16:30 to 19:00) Oh shit! We are late!

Cute japanese kids in yukatas ^^

Went into the campus and saw the snaking queue -______-'''
What's worse was that they had no more male yukata for rental..all gone, so K could not join me in wearing the costume =(

The pic above is blurred cos I was shaking from having to queue for so long..and K went to get some grape and apple vinegar *yummy* while I stood there for eons.

Shooed him away to go look at something else while I wallowed in despair..and he returned with 2 masks that costs $6 each! omg~

Still queuing after 1.5hrs T_T and I saw more young girls sashaying in their yukatas. But something was not quite right, some actually had their yukatas worn wrongly O_O as in right over left for the top, which is for the dead actually LOL~

And some ugly obis not because of the material, but more of the way it was tied, loose and the yukata was not neated tucked in underneath. Not to mention, there were several tall girls wearing undersized yukatas..prolly no more sizes for their height (for rental) thus they grabbed anything in sight. *bleah*

K and his 鬼太郎 mask, while sipping apple vinegar drink. The masks got sold out quite quickly and soon K was having queries from passerbys on where to get the masks.

Bite size Takopachi to appease my anger -_-'' *the queue was not moving*

While I was in the queue, one teacher came out and told everyone in the queue,"We have no more yukatas for rental, no more. If you have your own, stay in the queue and we will help you dress up!" and this went on once every 15mins.

But still, there were a group of girls in front that arrived(after queueing for at least 2hrs) at the entrance of the dressing room and when asked if they have yukatas, they look damn blur and say don't have 0_o So they left the queue and looked damn lost..I duno whether to LOL at them. =X

Finally after 2hours, I managed to reach the entrance of the dressing room where the volunteers(japanese mamas) were helping the girls to wear their yukatas. Meanwhile, K loitered outside while I was getting dressed and took the above pic.

Whilst inside, I saw there were about 10 volunteers. They were all very helpful and patient in helping each girl wear their yukata.
The obasan who helped me commented that my yukata was abit too big for me, but I told her its my own. Then she asked if I was borned in SG, I replied yah o.o??

So bobian..she then helped me pulled the yukata up to my ankle level, tucked it in nicely and tied the excess to my waist like a dumpling. Then she asked me, "jeans?" I told her, "later.. =D"
Well, surely I can't be stripping in front of everyone -_-'

After making it neater, she finally draped the obi over my waist into a beautiful ribbon and inserted a cardboard at my stomach. What an art~

Then she said,"Put a card, look nicer" I replied,"Arigatou" and quickly went off so the next girl can have her turn. Then I realised I can only take small baby steps cos the yukata is abit too long, around my ankle. After 20mins, I finally emerged from the dressing room. The pic above is the overall look with the free fan from JAS *looks tad too chubby >.<*

Backview. This yukata is meant for size 155cm to 165cm, abit large on me though -_-' But the obi is beautiful, thanks to YJ for helping me get this from Japan.

The hello kitty mask..although my hairstyle doesn't allow the mask, I have to wear it for awhile at least lol~ Wait a minute, the mask is too big for my face/head as well..miscalculation on K's part.

Queuing up for balloon game cos we bought 4 game tickets at the entrance. I was taking small steps and a backache was building up from this unusual straight posture.

One ticket gives you one hook with its end tied to a paper-like string. The purpose of the game is to dip your hook into the water, through a loop in the rubber band(which is tied to a balloon) then pull it up and take the balloon. You can do this as many times until your paper string is disintegrated by the water. I got 2 balloons and K got none. But the game master told K to take one anyway XDD . I saw some had as many as 7 balloons lol~

They don't look like balloons eh? Beautiful stuff..and they are still hanging there at my cupboard till this date.

There was this hand painted bench nearby, so I asked K to take a pic of it with me sitting there.

K taking my barang barang posing above with his prize from "throwing ball into bins" game.

Had a hotdog and we saw some stalls selling Asahi Draft beer,which was pretty rare..woo~*K likes to drink* and I had some very nice green tea + vanilla + red bean ice cream.

At 9.30pm, we left by the shuttle bus(still in my yukata!) and went to Changi Airport Terminal for late dinner(laksa and prawn mee) @ a kopitiam like outlet. *YUMMY*
Then we took the train home(no, I changed out by then).

Let me leave you with the Asahi Beer Girls..

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