Cooking Expedition: Buttermilk Biscuits and Mochi (12/07/08)

Sunday, September 14, 2008 Posted by YY on 6:02 PM

After my Taiwan trip, I got hooked onto MOCHI~ so we bought some mochi pieces from Meidiya for about $9.80 *ouch* for "experimental" purposes.

Clockwise from top left: The packet of mochi that costs $9.80 T_T; uncooked mochi is so hard..hard to imagine how soft it becomes when cooked; putting the mochi into water; mochi is softened when water starts boiling.

K was crossed with me for not preparing everything before starting to cook cos I simply put water, throw in mochi and on fire. Well, I thought the mochi would take awhile to get soft so I would have ample time in between >_< . Anyway, K got flustered but still got the utensils for me >_>

Stuffed cheddar cheese into the mochi while its still soft (after boiling) and coated it with bread crumbs before frying in oil. The lighter colored mochi is the 2nd piece done, well I would say I gained experience after frying the near chao ta first one *ahem*

Decided to try another filling, azuki. This brand morinaga produces pretty good stuff(green tea latte..etc) but there's only one large size sold in cold storage zzz~

Trying to mimic the red bean pan fried pancake we ate in HK and so I threw the mochi into the wok to pan fry it..didn't turn out well in terms of looks XDD Taste wise, still ok >_>

We were missing Popeye's Chicken from HK Airport Terminal 1(sneaked in a 2 pc set onto the plane). So we decided to try a recipe off the internet, that was said to be close to the buttermilk biscuits from Popeye's.

K mixed everything together and it turned out the dough from this recipe cannot be kneaded cos it was too wet.

Finally scooped them into balls using two spoons onto the baking tray.

Finally out from the oven~ Hmm it looks kindda yellow o.O?

Close up.

Slightly crumbly but compared to Popeyes (bread-like and crispy but soft on the inside) its still different. K suggested it maybe caused by over compression when making places the mixture onto the baking tray. But I wonder why its yellow in color unlike Popeyes's is butter required afterall?