After thoughts - Taiwan/HK trip 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:38 AM

Let's talk about the happy stuffs first. I did some decent shopping in Taipei and HK which came up to 25 items only..maybe not so happy afterall :(

My best buy from the trip! This pair of shoes from a korean fashion shop in Ximenting @ S$65 or so. *Falls in love with it again*

New additions to my wardrobe which is already at war *messy*

A brooch from a japanese accessories shop in HK, HKD120 ouch~

Another good buy, about S$20 for this teddy bag, to be used for work.

One of K's best buy for S$106, bright yellow adidas shoes. Another best buy was a S$25(original was S$100) casual shoes from Ximenting, which K said was so good that he didn't feel he was wearing shoes.

OK, now for the not so nice stuffs. I came back to find that we incurred alot in overseas roaming calls!

1. YY incurred S$78 for overseas roaming because of dear sister wanting to go place A while we were at place B.
2. K incurred S$53+S$13 for GPRS!
3. YH incurred some additional costs for roaming calls
4. YJ incurred about S$100 for roaming calls cos the operator gave her wrong info when she enquired about free incoming calls when overseas. She thought it was free incoming so people kept calling her on her FYP. -_-

One more thing was, YJ and her non meat diet/not eating properly problem. Non meat diet was not a problem actually..but YJ was drinking acidic stuffs with an empty stomach which caused a bloated stomach/gastric, therefore not being able to eat well. We have tried umpteen times to advise her that if she needs to eat veggie, its fine but please eat all kinds...but it fell to deaf ears.Well, isn't travelling about exploration and trying new foods? Haiz~

Another thing was that I learnt not to bring people who have different targets/interests as yourself when going on tour. During the first 4-5 days of the tour, we were having conflicts because we have a itinerary to follow and YJ wanted to go and get something elsewhere. This resulted in many calls/smses exchanged. So after we came back to SG, YH asked me,"Jiejie, next time you wanna go tour with me anot?" then I went,"Hmmmmmmmm~...." LOL~
Fortunately, the conflicts were resolved after one day in Taipei underground mall when YH became uncontactable. I guessed they finally had the heart to resolve some underlying issues before I disown them once I get back to SG -_-'
Ok i really appreciated that.
And lastly, thank you to K, YH, YJ for making the trip memorable.