HK Trip Summary (30th June - 6th July)

Saturday, September 13, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:12 PM

Well, there's nothing much to recommend about HK this time round(cos i am been to hk for the past 4 years in a row)except 3 things!

1. 旺角中心

Fantastic place for cheap casual wear..i got a skirt for S$4 ^^ + some other stuffs. But it mainly more suitable for below 25 years old =(

2. HK Azabu Sabo Lunch Set

Across the street from 旺角中心, do take your lunch here...seriously, it pwns all japanese casual dining restaurants in SG in terms of quality/price.

The overall menu says for HKD198.80, you get 2 main courses, 1 salad, 1 appetiser, 2 drinks, 1 dessert..which translates to 198.80/5.6 = S$35.50 for all this!!!

We placed our orders after some 15mins cos we were quite blur -.-' *too many menus given*
So we settled for:
1. Baked pork slices with wild mushrooms - appetiser
2. Pin Pin noodle bolognise - main course
3. Curry beef fillet and omelette on rice - main course
4. Red bean sundae for dessert - dessert

Then 2 glasses of ice lemon tea came..we went o.O?
Little did we know that, everything was going to come in FULL SIZE..

Clockwise from left to right: The sabo style salad ; mushrooms for appetiser yummy~; K's main course - curry beef omu rice set ; my pasta set which was done nicely with flavourful tomato beef sauce.

I have no complains whatsoever..this is fantastic food except that, how can I finish this feast with only 2 persons?? Not forgetting..we have one more dessert @_@''

Zoom in for the dessert selection, 4 choices.

And of course this came in FULL SIZE as well >.<

The damage was HKD219 for two persons, with the full size portions mentioned above. Needless to mention, we left the restaurant with round, bursting stomachs.

3. 奇趣饼家 - 旺角 花园街

Freshly baked goods for sale!

Large variety of freshly baked biscuits/pasteries at affordable prices, who needs bread talk?*slurp*

Their information.

All but this caught my eye, pan fried red bean pancake. YUMMY!
*In fact i went back twice to get it* The red bean is not very sweet and the "skin" is chewy and soft like mochi. *drools all over again* >_<